Hélène Isenbart Kleurenhoutsnede 'Huisje bij schemering' ca. 1920 Gesigneerd

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Hélène Isenbart (1864-1927 Germany)

Kleurenhoutsnede 'Huisje bij schemering' ca. 1920

Gesigneerd r.o. met potlood "H.Isenbart" en beschreven en in het blok gemonogrammeerd met 'HI'

Afmetingen ca. 32 x 36 cm.

Ingelijst door lijstenmaker in essenhouten lijst.


Hélène Isenbart (Magdeburg near Berlin 27-02-1864 – died in or after 1927) Printmaker, daughter of Karl Adolph Kurlbaum (1830-1906) a high ranking official (“Jurist; Wirklicher Geheimer Rat; Oberlandesgerichtspräsident”) in Stettin and his second wife Cäcilie Werther. She was named after herpaternal grand-mother Hélène Antoinette Caroline Wrisberg (married Ferdinand Kurlbaum (1800-1833). He was first married to Karoline Helmuth (1835-1857) who died shortly after giving birth to their son Ferdinand. Hélène Isenbart was a member of the VdBK 1911-1927 and chairwoman in 1916. She married “Geheim Ministerialrat” Wilhelm Viktor Karl Theodoor Isenbart (b. 24-05-1856 – 1936). The couple had 2 sons and 2 daughters. According to the VdBK’s archive she was related to painter Marie Isenbart (died 1935) who was actually her daughter (d.1935), member of the VdBK 1913-1935, chairman 1930 and exhibited until 1937.) Her elder half brother was Ferdinand Kurlbaum(1857-1927) a scientist living in prosporous Dahlem-Berlin who was married to Elisabeth von Siemensa member of the immensely rich von Siemens family of bankers and industrialists. Ferdinand worked with leading German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894) and they were also neighbours in Dahlem. Helmholz’s daughter Ellen married Arnold von Siemens (1853-1918) a honorary member of the VdBK and she a member and chairwoman. Werner von Siemens (1816-1892), Arnolds father, industrial and liberal was one of the founding members of the VdBK in 1867. Her brother Alfred Adolph Kurlbaum (1868-1938) was a distinguished, notary in Potsdam and Leipzig lawyer, his daughter Carola (1902-1963), Hélène's niece, married Sir Nicolaus Bernard Leon Pevsner (1902-1983) a famous German born British scholar and author of history of art.Her not known by name sister married a"Geheime Regierungsrat", also not known by name.