Joachim Voigts Kleurenhoutsnede 'Parelhoenders' 1935 Gesigneerd

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Joachim Voigts (Windhoek, Namibia 1907–1994)

Kleurenhoutsnede 'Parelhoenders / Perlhühner' circa 1935 

Gesigneerd met potlood r.o. 'J. Vo...' en beschereven 'Originall Holzschnitt'.

Afmetingen circa 22 x 18 cm.


Joachim Voigts (Windhoek, Namibia 1907 – 1994 Namibia) 

German/Namibian farmer, painter, book illustrator, poet and printmaker. His parents Gustav Voigts and Frida Koch originated from Braunschweig and had emigrated to Namibia, Africa, which was ruled by Germany 1884-1914 as a protectorate (“Schutzgebiet”). 

In 1914 the Voigts family, while visiting Braunschweig, was unable to return to Africa because of the outbreak of WW-I and had to remain for the next 6 years. While the rest of the family returned to Windhoek-Namibia in 1920 Joachim stayed to complete his artistic studies. 

Together with Ulfert Wilke(Bavaria 1907-1987 Hawaii), who emigrated to America in 1938, he was a student of Hedwig Hornburg in Braunschweig “Handwerker- und Kunstgewerbeschule.” Voigts later studied in Hamburg before returning 1931 to Namibia. In 1936 he returned to Germany to study a semester in Munich. 

In 1940 he succeeded his father on the family farm but with the outbreak of WW-II was interned until 1947.

A print showing “Perlhühne” (Guinea Fowl) and an indigenous bird species of South-Africa) in the style of Martin Erich Philipp is known. It is also monogrammed JOVO.