Keith Sonnier Kleurenlithografie 'Untitled' 1981 Gesigneerd

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Keith Sonnier (born 1941, Mamou, Louisiana)

Kleurenlithografie 'Untitled' 1981

Gesigneerd met potlood, gedateerd en genummerd 48/200

Afbeelding: 76,2 x 56 cm.


Process art has been entitled as a creative movement in the US and Europe in the mid-1960s. It has roots in Performance Art, the Dada movement and, more traditionally, the drip paintings of Jackson Pollock, and in its employment of serendipity. Change and transience are marked themes in the process art movement. The Guggenheim Museum states that Robert Morris in 1968 had a groundbreaking exhibition and essay defining the movement and the Museum Website states:
Process Artists were involved in issues attendant to the body, random occurrences, improvisation, and the liberating qualities of nontraditional materials such as wax, felt, and latex. Using these, they created eccentric forms in erratic or irregular arrangements produced by actions such as cutting, hanging, and dropping, or organic processes such as growth, condensation, freezing, or decomposition.


Keith Sonnier (born 1941, Mamou, Louisiana) is a Postminimalist, performance, video and light artistSonnier was one of the first artists to use light in sculpture in the 1960s, and has been one of the most successful with this technique. Sonnier was a part of the Process Art Movement.