Paper Republic Grand Voyageur XL

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Paper Republic Grand Voyageur XL

De Republic Grand Voyageur wordt gemaakt in Wenen van geurig Italiaan leer gelooid met planten, kruiden en hout. De lederen hoes biedt plaats aan maximaal 3 vullingen voor een notebook (inclusief de weekplanner), je paspoort en een pen. Bovendien beveiligt de kaarthouder of het vak met rits je creditcards, contant geld en reistickets.

De navulnotitieboekjes zijn gemaakt van het hoogste kwaliteit en van glad natuurlijke papier uit Zweden dat je een unieke schrijfervaring garandeert, zowel met potlood, pen of vulpen.

- Lederen (navulbaar) notitieboek
- Formaat: Large (13,5 x 20cm)
- Kleur:zwart, donkerblauw, Rood
- Maximaal 3 bijvulnotitieboeken
- Bevat 1 gelinieerd notitieboek (9,5 x 14cm)
- Uit te breiden met diverse Navullingen
- Personaliseer met eigen naam of korte tekst
- Gemaakt in Wenen


The Leather: why paper republic leather is so special.
We must take you back on a little before that, where the journey to achieving the perfect leather begins on the grassy, cattle-filled fields of France. From there, we move to the rugged valleys of Tuscany, where in taking the best part of the cow (the shoulder from the hides of these farm-reared French cattle) the tanneries can begin their craft.
Tuscany is where the family-run tanneries from whom we source our leather, and not just any leather – the best full grain, vegetable-tanned leather you will find today.
That's what makes paper republic leather so good - the Vachetta leather is untreated: vegetable-tanned means that absolutely no chrome is used in the tanning process - only natural, non-chemical extracts (the chemical chrome-tanned leather industry makes up 98% of the world's leather production, and we’re proud to be in the 2% of the natural, non-chemical method). Full grain means that the leather is made from the best, most durable part of the hide (below the hair).This method of ancestral tanning is a slow and artisan process: it takes on average two months to tan and dye a cow hide – it’s not a science, it’s an art; a mystery. Each tannery uses different ingredients and techniques which they jealously keep a secret. Even the quality of the water influences the final look of the leather.
The result is a full grain aniline leather finish. This term aniline means the leather is dyed only with soluble dyed, which retains the leather natural grain and does not cover the surface with synthetic elements, but retains the natural beauty of the hide.

The paper: paper republic notebooks 
We visit the bracing Nordic forest regions in the wilderness of Sweden - home to millions of acres of sustainable and increasing numbers of trees. In less than 100 years, Sweden’s forest assets have doubled, and since the felling rate is less than the growth rate, the volume of forest continues to increase each year. This makes Sweden special when it comes to selecting sustainable and natural paper production