Bas Meeuws. Flower Pieces

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Bas Meeuws. Flower Pieces
flower pieces : a photographic journey around the world

Auteur: Maartje van den Heuvel Bas Meeuws
Uitgever: Lannoo
Co-auteur: Maartje van den Heuvel

• Engels 

• Hardcover 

• 9789401458054 

• Druk: 1 

• maart 2019 

• 400 pagina's

A new old master: digital flower still lifes that refer to the old Dutch masters. Old-fashioned beauty and at the same time radically contemporary. Beautiful flower still lifes. Causes a furore in the American and Asian art world. A book as a work of art in itself, an object to cherish, designed by Studio Kluif. His photographs are of an old-fashioned beauty and at the same time radically contemporary. Flower by flower Bas Meeuws composes his floral still lifes, but digitally: the basis for Meeuws' monumental works are digital photographs of individual flowers. They allude to the Dutch masters of the seventeenth century with their sense of luxury and their eye for the ephemeral. Meeuws strikes a chord in the art world with his flower still lifes. He is represented by Dutch, American, Taiwanese and Indian galleries and exhibits from Amsterdam to New Delhi. Flowers represent the circle of life for me as well as the short time of real beauty - Carpe Diem - Bas Meeuws. Meeuws' assortment of flowers, seem to emerge yet elapse into their inky black backdrops, reveling in sharpness, flaunting texture, pore and vein. - Newspaper The Hindu. Text in English and Chinese.